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Feb. 6th, 2015


Okay, so I got to see a pre-sceening of Jupiter Ascending....

It was an okay movie. I think I would have been a better fan if I was a teen. I think it would be good fodder for fanfiction, as we really aren't told much about the Abrasax's world. Jupiter Jones has the 'genetic' match of the Abrasaxes' mom, hence that makes her royalty. Balem, Titus and Kalique all have their own ends. Balem is the main bad guy, but Titus (who loves lies and says they are the reason he gets up in the mornings) actually scared me a bit more than Balem. Balem wants Jupiter dead, we all know this.

Kalique might be more of a smiling manipulative person, but we don't get to see much of her. She scared me a bit more than Balem.

The movie had way too many plotty points, and while it was visually stunning, I think it needed a bit more editing.

In the failed wedding scene between Jupiter and Titus, there were people in the 'gathering' area, all watching the wedding events. Who were these people? Would any of them attempt to curry favor with the new monarch?

For some wild reason I had a short dream where one of those elite gifted Jupiter his slave. Who was an alien futuristic version of Lurkio from Up Pompeii. Lurcio thinks that convincing previous Master to give him to the new royal was a great idea. He gets the advantage point of whispering to her culture points, and letting know who is whom. Plus he's got a master who is a bit uncomfortable holding a slave, so she's likely to be more lenient.

I definitely remember where she's wanting to free him and Lurcio is telling her she can't do that. It's an insult to the Master who gave him to her, and it's also like Jupiter is saying he's an unworthy slave.

My mind goes weird places.

Jan. 18th, 2015


Reblog: In an effort to draw attention...

Originally posted by chibitoaster at In an effort to draw attention...
I will be drawing comics!

One comic per day for as long as it takes to raise the money.

What else I'm doing: I've started the process of withdrawing money from my retirement account in the off chance that I might be able to extend the deadline another week or two. I don't know if it's possible, but as soon as I hear back from the lawyers, I'll be able to fax off the paperwork.

My son has begun the process of selling everything we have of reasonable value that is not necessary for basic life. I don't know if it is going to work, and I'm not sure how much we'll get from it anyway, but we're hoping to get some money from it all.

I keep trying to think of a way to get my case some more attention. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a full comic book of their own? Finished!? There's gotta be some celebrity out there or a rich fan who has $5k or $10k and would like a comic book done by me!

Yeah, in my reward scheme, on the off chance that someone with some money finds my gofundme, I want to offer something big. So a full comic book is up for offer…

… just in case someone is watching a TV Show and a celebrity says "hey, I wish I could have a comic book of my dogs… or my life… or the universe as seen from the POV of a brine shrimp." You can send a note to the studio saying … HEY! I know someone who wants to do that for you!

Yeah, that was my dream last night. Someone sent my gofundme to Ellen Degeneres and she was like. "I was just thinking I needed a comic book about this wren that keeps dive-bombing my dogs!"

Even my unconscious brain is grasping at straws now.

Fandoms Unite for Chibitoaster

Chibitoaster is having a fundraiser (with fanart) to save her house. For more details go here. I will post Chibi's entry in a bit. Please help out if you can, boosting the signal is always greatly appreciated.

Originally posted by fans4fans_mod at Fandoms Unite for Chibitoaster
This thread will be for chibitoaster

The gofundme for chibitoaster.

How this will work:

Artists/Podficcers/Authors/Crafters/Anyone who is willing to give will post a comment detailing what they will auction off for chibitoaster. All those auctioning will set their prices for the works they are willing to offer.

For example:

Podficcers might charge to podfic a fic for fifty-cents an minute of a completed podfic.
Artists might charge a minimum of 5 dollar for their hour.
Authors might charge a dollar a word.
So on and so forth.

I'm not about to tell you what your price should be, nor am I telling anyone they have to bid. And later the details can be more finely tuned, but this is an urgent matter for chibitoaster and the faster we begin the faster we can save her. For the next fan I will have this a little more sorted.

All negotiations for the works being auctioned are the responsibility of the one auctioning their work and of the one buying the work. The mods of this comm are not here to oppress the comm with copious amounts of rules. Donations must be given to the go fund me link please don't donate anonymously so that the person creating your work will know that you have indeed paid. This is to benefit a person in need.

We will create a collection on AO3 for those who wish to share their works for everyone to see/read/hear/etc., and in the notes we only ask that you put who the charity benefited into the notes and even that is not a requirement. Mostly, this struck me and I thought I need to help this person. We are not powerless, as fans, and if we can help one of our own I feel we should.

Who supports Cynthia Jeub?

Has anyone heard of the Jeub family, and how some of the older kids have left and are alleging abuse from the parents?

Well Cynthia Jeub is asking for help on Patreon....

Cynthia also blogs at "Epic Living".

Go support if you can. Boosting the signal is also greatly appreciated.

Jan. 2nd, 2015


Got my food allergy list.....

The lab was really supposed to do an airborne allergen test, but they did food allergies instead. I went today to get the airborne allergen test done. (They take blood for the test, and contact you later with results.)

Anyway.... food allergy list....

Egg White

Dec. 30th, 2014


So got back from doc visits today....

1) First visit was actually to a new ob/gyn who was in my plan, because I had an 'anomaly' on my pap and needed a colposcopy. So I'll see the results of that in a couple weeks.

2) Breathing test. It was a bit hard to hear the tester when they shut me in the chamber. But otherwise I did good (apparently) and my lungs are in good shape.

3) The pulmonologist said that the lab did the wrong allergy test. They were supposed to do airborne allergies, and did food allergies instead. I've asked the medical assistant if she could send me the whole list. What I do remember; Wheat, egg, tomato, pork, and I think dairy was on that list. Doc said I have a whole bunch of food based allergies. Oh, yeah.

But this apparently means that another allergy test has to be done. It's pretty simple, they just take blood.

Though an old schoolmate said that she's kept her pet, but she cut out a lot of other stuff she was allergic to, including the food allergens.

I could easily cut out the wheat, pork and tomato. It's the dairy that's going to be the real kicker. I like coffee with cream. I've tried those non-dairy creamers, and none ever seem to taste good to me. Egg might not be that hard, but I don't know what might have egg hidden in it.

OTOH, I guess this means I've not picked up any parasites from my cats.

Dec. 23rd, 2014


Breathing test?

Any asthmatics on my friends list? What is a breathing test like? They are finally going to do one.

Dec. 7th, 2014


I'm only here because...

Is it my imagination, or does LiveJournal seem to be down?

Dec. 5th, 2014


Cute kids.....

So working at the Target card section Wednesday, and there were the two sweetest little kids. They wanted Dad to help them pick a 'thank-you' card. Why? So they could give them to Santa to thank him for bring them presents. The main problem was that they couldn't read yet, and had to get Dad to help them choose a card.

They managed to make Dad laugh at a couple of the cards they picked. The little girl picked up a "Mom Birthday from Son" card. The little boy had picked a mom birthday with Elmo on the front. 'Cause, Elmo!

Dad managed to steer them to the .99 cent cards. He helped them pick a plain thank-you card, and they were going to draw in the card for Santa.

Okay, so who just melted and went "Awwwwwwwww" for a full minute?

Dec. 4th, 2014


Went to the pulmonologist Wednesday...

So, I went to see the pulmonologist the doctor told me to. He ordered blood taken for an asthma, I mean allergy test, listened to my lungs and prescribed steroids (again.) He says that if I'm allergic to Thomas, my cat, I'll have to get rid of him.

Like that's ever going to happen.....

Plus he's going to order some breathing test that I've not had.

Did I ever mention that Thomas has carcinoma in his liver? The doc gave me some anti-nausea meds for him. But there's nothing they can do for him. If it had been leukemia, they could have done chemo for him. So now it's just a sort of waiting around and seeing how he's doing.

He's doing good now that he has the anti-nausea meds. So he seems cheerful.

It's just that I know one day he's not going to be feeling very good....
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